By Darren Simons

Welcome to

This website contains many of the photos I have taken around the world and at various events.

I started developing the website because I was fed up of the various free or expensive photo collection builders in the marketplace - none of them did what I wanted so I wrote my own. I am continuously updating the site with content and features so do check back often.

I designed the site to let me easily find photos I have taken in the past and didn't want to be limited to the number of images I could have. I am happy to licence the website code on an as-is basis if you are interested in developing your own. It uses HTML, PHP and SQLite and is hosted on a Linux server.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site - feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or ideas, or if you want to buy any of the photographs. You can also purchase directly via Alamy

Also check out my professional website and my Instagram which I am now updating.

Please contact me via the Contact page if you are interested in purchasing any photos or the website code itself.